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The Warriors (2010)

I'm surprised no one has written on here about The Warriors remake that should be coming out next year. I've read a couple different things, either that it's just a contemporary remake set in LA, like here:, or much more interestingly that it'll be a sequal, which I read on a members only mesage board here:
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I refuse to acknowledge it. Today's hollywood with it's focus on stars and boffo box office can't ever come close to Walter Hill's vision. He made something big out of a fairly forgettable book by imbuing it with a very daring comic book pastiche of style. And adding more references to Xenophon than the book had. I can't imagine a remake ever getting those elements in. And a sequel just sounds god awful.
That written, I think you're right. But what I read about a possible sequel was interesting: "It's been 31 years since The Warriors returned to their home turf alive and now Ajax has been released from jail and are now living in modern Los Angeles and are now trying to let go of their past as gang members and so they split apart to make a living for themselves. But Ajax has the most difficulty letting go of his past and there was one night a gang warfare in the LA streets and Ajax got cought up in it and dished out alot of damage and it was'nt long before the rest of the members of The Warriors hear about this and all of them went to see Ajax and shout and argue at him for starting up trouble but the word was already out and they were now forced to reunite and fight with every other gang in LA in a competition to see which is the greatest gang of all time. Then one very familiar face showed in shock too everyone the one and only Cyrus who apparenty survived the gunshot and had'nt showed himself in 30 years, Cyrus ends up leading the competition. The stage is now set but there is a problem The Warriors are now middle aged, but that does'nt stop them from fighting and being 'The Armies of the Night' for one last time."
I also, am pretending that this "remake" does not exist. It's just going to absolutely destroy what The Warriors once was. boo
As with the others, I don't want to acknowledge it. Many remakes I have seen are bloody awful compared to the original. Although, if it does eventually meander its way into theaters, I can only wonder if it will make the current generation curious about the original and watch it. And then I'll build a fully functioning Gundam modeled after Ajax in my garage...

However, being the sad little mental masochist I am, I'll probably see it anyway. It's like sitting through something you hate just so those who wish to can't discredit you as having never seen it.