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-Favorite Warrior-
It's a tie between Swan and Cochise.
-Favorite Gang-
The Warriors, of course. Other than them, I'd have to say the Saracens.
-Favorite Character-
Swan or Cochise.
-Favorite Scene-
Movie: When Cleon is telling everybody what's what, and who's who, before they leave to the gang meeting. Also, the one where The Warriors are running from the A.C's, who are trying to run them down in the bus.
Game: I loved running from the Hi-Hats across the roof-tops, and then later busting up Chatterbox's art gallery.
-Favorite Quote-
Movie: "You Warriors are good. Real good." - Masai. "The best." - Swan. AND. "You never know what you're gonna run into out there. If we're wearing our colors, we can't hide." - Cowboy. "Who wants to hide?" - Vermin.
Game: "Look! There goes Virgil's junkie bitch!" - Snow. I was cracking up when I heard him say that. It's just the way he said it. Hilarious. Oh wait, and then there was the one when he said, "Those were some bad mother-dudes!"
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