Erin (brokenlizard14) wrote in the_warriors,

 -Favorite Warrior-
Vermin, without a doubt. Ajax comes in a close second, with Snow right behind.

-Favorite Gang-
Aside from the Warriors? lol. The Lizzies, and the Baseball Furies, though the Punks were cool too.

-Favorite Character-
Same as above. I'm all about Vermin. lol

-Favorite Scene-
Either the fight between the Warriors and Baseball Furies, or the bathroom fight scene with the punks.

-Favorite Quote-
"Those cats were some desperate dudes."

I'd honestly  never seen The Warriors until last weekend. I met David Harris (Cochise), Deborah Van Valkenburg (Mercy), Brian Tyler (Snow), and Terry Michos (Vermin) at a convention in Florida and absolutely loved them. Terry and Brian especially were fantastic. I spent most of the weekend with them. lol. So of course, I had to watch the movie then.
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