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Hey guys! I'm new here, but not new to the Warriors. For some reason, whenever I get into something, I always forget to see if there's a fandom out there. And usually I'm late to the party, as I'm proving right now, har. As a matter of fact, my sister, lessxthanxthree, who hasn't had time to fill out this intro thing yet, was the one to point out that there was a community. Anyways, I thought I'd do the little introduction thinger before I went to bed, so here we go xD

Favorite Warrior: God this is hard, but I think Rembrandt. He's so adorable and seemingly naive, but he can still kick some ass, and it's such a sad story that Marcelino died of cancer shortly after the movie ): A close second is Snow, I think. Then Cowboy, maybe. I like them all for different reasons, though.

Favorite Gang: Can I say the Rogues? Luther is just so crazy, and his right-hand man (does he have a name? I can't remember...) looks like Izzy Stradlin, har. They're so lame that you just gotta love 'em x3

Favorite Character: I think Swan, which totally contradicts my favourite warrior answer, but Rembrandt really is my favourite Warrior, as far as the Warriors go, if that makes any sense. However, as a character, Swan is just so perfect. I love the fact that he doesn't really have to say anything to get his point across. Plus, at the end when he pulls the knife out of Luther's arm, he wipes it clean in his hair. How badass is that?

Favorite Scene: The end scene when Swan wipes the knife clean in Luther's hair. Fucking ultimate burn, man!

Favorite Quote: "Swan: Why'd you waste Cyrus?

Luther: No reason, I just like doin' things like that."

"Mercy: What about me?

Ajax: So what about you?"

"Rembrandt: Why couldn't it rain now?"

"Mercy: See that guy over there? Over there! He's watching you and he's got a couple of guys with him.

Swan: I know he's on my ass. And now he knows I know it."

Lol quotes are approximate, as I am way too lazy to actually look them up.
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